Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to improve your vehicle’s horsepower’s and fuel?

How to improve your vehicle’s horsepower’s and fuel?

Face it! Gas prices are high and getting higher. stated that from 5/10/10 to now (5/11/11), gas prices went from $2.90 to $3.90 and that just the average in all the US. That doesn’t mean that $3.90 is the highest, NO! The average in California and New York are $4.60. (I hate to live there)

So with the price of gas rising. How can one improve the MPG without killing the horsepower?

Air Filter:
The best and simplest way is to take the stock air filter, toss it out, and then add a high flow air filter. Now before you start saying you have an old beat up Toyota, Hummer, or a Geo. A high performance air filter is not only for a sport car. Yeah that right, you can add it to any vehicle. The reason why to add a high flow filter is to increase the MPG by 10 to 15% and boost the performance by up to 15 to 20 horsepower.  Some companies say that it can go past the 50 horsepower but I doubt that on most vehicles.

Cold air Intake:
If you going to change the air filter, then why not change the intake while you at it. It is easy to install and most cases when you going to buy a high flow air filter you can buy an intake pre installed.  What a cold intake does is it cool down the air that leads to the combustion chamber. In theory that mean more oomph and some time less gas.

Find your air filter and intake here!

Performance Exhaust:
Like the air filter, this is not just for the sport cars. Any car can put an after market part on their vehicles.  The reason you want to replace your stock exhaust system is that an exhaust reduces sound by clogging the air ways. This mean the engine is force to work a little harder to push that air out. In lamest form that mean the car uses more gas. I recommend changing the exhaust to a high performance one. That includes adding a
free flowing catalytic converter. These will not only improve your gas mileages but give you a smoother ride and a faster throttle respond.

Fuel Injection:
 When a fuel Injection is updated, it can increase the MPG. Try find one that create a fine mist, which it can use small amount of fuel. If you going to change the fuel injection to an after market one, please take in note that replacing it CAN VOID your warranting if your car have one. Just check with your mechanics or dealer on what can you do about it.

Performance Cams:
This is what I Recommend the most. It will boost your car a lot without using out your gas. It also makes your other mods on your vehicles work better too, which it can mean more MPG for your car forms the other mods.  

Other Small Tips:
Do a complete tune-up once a year and always change your oil every 3000 mile. Doing so your oil pump won’t have to force itself to pump the oil up to the top of the engine. That can increase you gas mileage too but not by much. But hey, something is something!

Check your tires air pressure every morning. The reason why in the morning it because the tire are cold, so the air particle is less dense and it will read the right PSI. Why check the PSI of tires? It because when you put the right PSI the tire have less fiction on the ground so a vehicle can easily go down the road without forcing it. But be warn, Too much air pressure can over wear the tire shortening it’s wear life and sometime it warranting. Talk to the dealer for more info about your vehicle tire PSI or you can check on the side of the driver door or something on the back trunk.

The last tip is to do resource on the gas. Find one that you think is the best.

By doing all the change that I stated above it can improve you MPG with out killing your Horsepower, and remember you don’t have to have a sport car to improve your horsepower.


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